Simply The Best: April 2018


What a difference a month makes. When April started, I was planning another RTW adventure which included a stop in Albania. When April ended, life had changed drastically and now I’m moving to Puerto Rico. Who knows what will happen in May, but for now, here’s the best of April.

  1. Despacito! TPOL Is Moving to Puerto Rico! Effective Immediately

    TPOL is a liar and a leaker! In my post, Vote Where TPOL Moves Next And I’ll Go There, the winner was Tirana, Albania. There was NO COLLUSION. I repeat, NO COLLUSION. The voters spoke and spoke decisively. So why am I moving to Puerto Rico, effective immediately?
  2. Final Four San Antonio: Go Blue! Left Blue

    I have been depressed because I have had to endure yet another loss from a team that resides in Michigan.
  3. Boracay: My Favorite Beach in the World, Now Closed

    Boracay, get your ‘ish together, literally. Don’t ruin heaven on earth.
  4. River Walk! TPOL’s San Antonio Food & Drink Guide

    I now understand why Charles Barkley hated it when the finals were held in San Antonio. Besides the Alamo, there’s nothing to do in San Antonio but go down to the River Walk.
  5. Don’t Fly Allegiant!

    Before watching the 60 Minutes segment, the joke about flying Allegiant was that it was the Greyhound of the skies. Now, there’s nothing to laugh about. Note: Allegiant came out with a fiery rebuttal which called into question 60 Minutes reporting. Consumers are left wondering who to believe.
  6. Meeting Mins Paying Uncle Sam

    Paying taxes is not manufactured spending. The fees of 1.87% are higher than the $4.95 for every $5 required for duck purchases. Regardless, it felt very good to hit so many mins by paying my taxes.
  7. The Best BBQ in Texas?

    I would like to go on a BBQ crawl in Lockhart so I can compare other BBQ places to decide which one is best. With that caveat, I will say that Smitty’s was superb.


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