Simply The Best: December 2019


It’s December. Did you make the Festivus 2019 list? It’s the end of the year. Where are you celebrating (see Where to Party? New Year’s Eve)? It’s the end of the decade. Did you do anything meaningful? Neither did I. But here’s what I wrote about in December that was simply the best.

  1. Cyberbully? TPOL’s Puerto Rico Turkey Trot (2nd Edition)

    Last year, I beat a sneaky runner who tried to sprint past me in the last second. I tried to reach out to him on Twitter this year to propose a rematch. He did not respond.
  2. Merry Christmas! But TPOL Finished 3rd in the Cart Parade

    Folks, it’s Christmas. And when you live in a retirement golf community in Puerto Rico that means decking out your golf cart for the annual Cart Parade.
  3. TPOL’s Guide to Libations in Shanghai

    This list should keep you happy and tipsy. I will update it the next time I am in Shanghai.
  4. Fabric Market Shanghai Prices: How to Bargain (2019 Edition)

    I bought enough clothes to last me until my next expat trip. I came away knowing that when it comes to bargaining, I still got it.
  5. I Don’t Tip at Lounges Either

    Who’s with me?
  6. Unhappy Upon Check In? Don’t Let Buyer’s Remorse Sink In

    If you don’t like the room, don’t let buyer’s remorse sink in. When I saw the view from my room the next day, I had no regrets about my temper trantrum.
  7. Kenny G China: You Don’t Have to Go Home, But…

    In China, what does the Fake Market, the Fabric Market, and the grocery store all have in common? The answer is closing time means Kenny G.

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