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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Simply The Best: March 2022

TPOL turned 8 in 2022. That’s huge! Here’s what else I did in March.

  1. Guns & Butter: Copenhagen Travel Guide

    boats on the water next to a dock with buildings in the background
    I have been all over northern Europe including Iceland, Sweden, and Finland. While I have not been to Norway, I can predict that it will not be as great as Denmark.
  2. Free Flight To Puerto Rico Confirmed: Let The Games Begin!

    a screenshot of a computer
    Somehow we got to twenty entrants for the March Madness bracket.
  3. Scam Covid Test #1: Entering the UK

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    Even if Covid tests are going away for travel, this was written before then and is published to document a time when the public was swindled.
  4. Troubles Tour Belfast

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    I know much more about this conflict now than I did before the tour. Having said that, I still know nothing.
  5. Guns & Butter: Belfast Travel Guide

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    I didn’t do much in terms of quantity, but what I saw and what I learned was unmatched.
  6. Another Amex Business Platinum: Worth It?

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    With a $695 annual fee, I question whether having a 15k minimum spend to reach 150k points is worth it.
  7. Guns & Butter: Manchester Travel Guide

    a street with people walking on it
    This is a placeholder for the Guns & Butter: Manchester Travel Guide. Unlike Belfast, where I actually saw the city by day, I did next to nothing in Manchester.


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