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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Why SQ 777 First Class > SQ A380 Suite Class

Is the sky falling down? Is Y2K upon us again? How can this man dare claim that Singapore Airlines First Class on a 777 be better than Singapore Airlines A380 Suite Class!

Is it the seats? 


No Mars.

Is it the Dom Pérignon champagne? 


No Mars.

It’s the seats then right? 

DSC_0352No mars.

Is it the Ferragamo amenities kit with the noise cancelling Bose headphones? 

DSC_0353No Mars.

How about the Givenchy pajamas? 

DSC_0354No Mars.

What about the champagne?


No Mars.

Money! It’s gotta be the food! 


The food, the food, the food! 


No Mars, I’m sure it isn’t the food.

So what is it? Why is Singapore Airlines First Class on a 777 better than Suite Class on SQ A380?

Three words: The Beautiful Game.

This past July as part of my Trip to the Far East in Style, I was able to fly Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Tokyo en route to my Suite Class flight to LAX aboard a Boeing 777 in First-Class. It had all the amenities of the A380 including the Book the Cook service where you can choose from a ridiculous list of over-the-top meals prepared by a signature chef to be served to you at 30,000 feet. For the sake of the story, I chose the lobster and was not disappointed.

But, the real treat is the broadcast of the World Cup. While Emirates Airlines First-Class only offered updates via their ICE system and SQ A380 provided price-gouging Wi-Fi, the 777 allowed me to watch France vs. Nigeria and Germany vs. Algeria. LIVE! And for FREE!

Sure, I didn’t have my private suite but drinking, eating, and sharing in the excitement of the World Cup action from Brazil with awesome flight attendants who were equally as excited as me more than made up for it.

It’s gotta be the shoes!













  1. Yes, the 77W has better wifi pricing than the A380. But even if I spent $50 more on internet flying the A380, the A380 hard product is certainly $50 better than the 77W hard product for long haul IMHO.

    • I just added the most critical detail! The World Cup was being broadcast for free.

      Sports and Thanksgiving supper on a plane? Can’t beat that no matter how big the suite.

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