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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Wanna Get Away, Again? More Southwest Companion Pass

Before moving to Mongolia, I had to burn the rest of my Southwest Rapid Rewards leaving me with another Trip ReportThe Southwest Companion Pass: Round 2 (July 2014).

Between this report and The Southwest Companion Pass: Round 1, you’ll see more of Montana than most people ever will in their lifetime. From there I ventured to Chicago for stays at the Conrad Chicago and the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. After a quick goodbye to my parents in Michigan it was back to New York to catch my flight to whatever was next where unfortunately Southwest Airlines does not fly.

I have to return to the United States in 2015 because I have another year remaining on my Southwest Companion Pass and thanks to the merger of Airtran and Southwest Airlines, another 120,000 rewards to rapidly burn. Next time I’ll take advantage of Southwest’s new routing by visiting the Dominican Republic and Jamaica two countries I have yet to see. Oh, and maybe I’ll head to Cancun for old times’ sake.

But before I get too carried away, here’s the picture preview of this trip report.

  • Philipsburg, Montana
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • New York, New York
Anytown, USA
Anytown, USA
southwest companion pass
I still call it the Sears Tower. Sorry Willis.
southwest companion pass
The best Chinese food in all of the world! Click the pic for the full review.
southwest companion pass
So long USA! For now.


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