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Monday, June 24, 2024
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SPG Design Hotels: Never A Winner, But A Great Promotion

I don’t often post promotions for free point contents since everyone already does so. However, I’m making an exception because the SPG Design Hotel contest has me hooked for the following reasons:

  1. Many bloggers have actually won thousands of SPG points.
  2. I have not won yet and I refuse to give up.
  3. The promotion requires the user to piece a puzzle together of Design Hotels. This is more mentally stimulating than hitting refresh on AwardWallet every day.
  4. There are plenty of great Design Hotels that may be worth visiting. I saw one in Iceland and one in Shanghai that were intriguing but who knows what their redemptions will be post Marriott merger.

The promotion ends on the 18th so you still have a few more chances to win if you like puzzles. Personally, I’m puzzled as to why I have yet to win since I have played it once a day.

SPG is feeling sorry for me, this one came essentially pre assembled.

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