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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Spicy Skewers Shanghai: Best for Late Night Grub

Spicy Skewers Shanghai is part of the TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report.

One late night I was hungry and Sherpa’s was closed for delivery. I entered GPS coordinates for a 24hr dumpling place in my phone because the name didn’t show up on Google Maps. Google Maps doesn’t work great in China so I ended up lost instead of finding myself full.

a red neon sign with writing
My memory of where this was was deficient.

Committed to eating, I used my sense of direction to try and find the restaurant. The only thing I recalled was that it was on a bright alley with 南南 in the street name. I trusted my Emperor Penguin instincts and after walking around for an hour, I eventually found the place.

a street sign on a pole
I was right about the Chinese characters.

a van parked on the side of a street

The next challenge was ordering. I can say the basics in Mandarin but not much beyond that. Luckily, the menu was in English and I was able to fill in the rest with my polyglot skills.a menu on a table a menu on a table

Besides a la carte dining, we also selected sticks to put in the hot pot. Those were great choices.a display of food on shelves a display of food on a shelf a display of food on a shelf skewers with meat and vegetables on them in a white trayskewers on a metal plate with meat on it a bowl of liquid with sticks and a stick in it a close up of food a bowl of broccoli with chopsticks

The dumpling selection looked great, but the ones I ordered were not. I’ll stick to Yang’s or Yu Garden. a sign with pictures of food on it a bowl of food on a table a bowl of food and chopsticks on a table

The bill is based on the number of sticks. At 177RMB ($26), it was more expensive than I expected. I certainly miss the prices of the street food skewer vendors (see Street Food Shanghai: Morning, Day, Night, Morning Again), but that won’t deter me from returning. a bunch of sticks in a container a receipt on a table

TPOL’s TIP: This restaurant is located at the intersection of Yan’an and Yunan nan road. The spicy lamb is the best meat on the menu. The mushrooms are the best for the hot pot.

a street sign on a building
Look for this corner!



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