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Monday, July 22, 2024
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The Sharks Are in the Water

“Swing by if you’re in the neighborhood,” Michel Jeries said months ago. Mikey lived in Michigan and I lived in Arizona so I only get to rage it with him a couple times a year when I go home for the holidays. Then he decided to leave Michigan for Thailand and sent me a text with that message.

For your average bloke, such a text would be ludicrous. “Oh yes, I’ll conveniently be in SE Asia at the same time as you.” For me, the creative points spender, it was not that far-fetched. But, due to work related issues, it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to drop by. That is why I wrote him a guide for what to do and see in SE Asia. As the days went by I unconsciously found myself checking flight availability to Asia and thinking of great reasons why it was imperative I meet him.

1. He will have to drink alone.

With that, I booked my flight and readied myself for our global marathon.

Then there was some drama along the way which I documented while flying into Shanghai and have attached below:

The last 7.5 hours have been relaxing and nerve wracking as I make my way to Shanghai. Relaxing because I’m flying Emirates business and the Pinot Noir was splendid. Nerve wracking because a scene from Home Alone II keeps playing in my head: “I did it again!” (search Visa story, I can’t insert hyperlinks via blackberry) 
Normally, if you want to visit China you need to obtain a visa ahead of time but now they have a 72 hour no visa policy. I’m landing from Dubai into Shanghai at 11:25PM and leaving for Singapore en route to Bali Monday night. So I should have no problems coming and going. 
On the other hand, my best friend Michael Jeries text me 8 hours ago that he may not be able to meet me in Shanghai because his flight from Shanghai to Singapore stops in Hong Kong. He has been told that Hong Kong is not a third country (it is technically China) and therefore does not fall under the 72 hour exception. 
Now I’m sitting here with no Wi-Fi waiting to land hoping that Mikey pulled off magic. 
On a lighter note, the Moet, though not as good as the Dom from NYC to Dubai is still flowing‎. 
Mikey did finally show up, 17 hours later than he was supposed to with flight delays for all sorts of reasons.




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