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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Tinder And Travel

A friend of mine is a points enthusiast, a world traveler, and Tinder subscriber. No, that friend of mine is not me. For those that who aren’t familiar with Tinder, it is an app available on all smartphones (besides my Blackberry) that allows strangers to become friends.

Traveling alone can get lonely so Tinder may be a nice way to meet people if you aren’t as gregarious as someone like me. While Tinder in the US has become the modern day Adult Friend Finder website, its innocence is still alive and well abroad.

Actually that’s completely untrue. Tinder in places like Hong Kong and the Philippines is a bit suspect leading users to houses of harlots and encounters with gentle women who are in fact men. Besides these curious encounters as reasons to avoid Tinder abroad, I would also advocate that are easier ways to meet people of the fairer sex; stay in a hostel, play the 7 Eleven game, or go on a pub crawl.

All are better than the surprise you may find when your virtual Tinder match becomes a real life femme fatale.

Proper nightclubs aren't open and packed at 6pm on a Sunday.
Proper nightclubs aren’t open and packed at 6pm on a Sunday.




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