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Monday, July 22, 2024
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An Opening on BBC’s Top Gear for Me?

What is your favorite travel show? Is it one with Bourdain refreshingly running around the world being his unfiltered self? Is it House Hunters International? Or is it something on the Travel channel that I’ve never seen?

For me it is Top Gear. Top Gear is a car show, travel show, and lifestyle show centered around three hosts, one of whom is a bigger jerk than Bourdain on his best day. His name is Jeremy Clarkson and he happens to be my favorite. He is probably too truthful, unapologetic, and direct.

Sometimes this gets him into trouble though he would have you believe that he is a victim of circumstance. (see the real drama when Top Gear visited Argentina.) Today Mr. Clarkson was suspended for fighting with his producer. Apparently, despite the show’s popularity, he’s on his last warning.

With that breaking news documented, I would like to explain why I should replace Jeremy if he is indeed let go.

The show features and I enjoy the following:

If hired, I’ll make Clarkson proud by never apologizing and by never holding back my thoughts. I will try to keep the smugness in check.

top gear hosts
30 seconds in Dubai make you realize that points are for peasants.

top gear hosts

top gear hosts

top gear hosts
Who should replace Jeremy if he is fired? Take the poll below.




  1. If you like TopGear and Jeremy Clarkson you might also enjoy his books if you haven’t read them already. There is a movement to get him Knighted but I bet BBC will fire him first. He is an open critic of the liberal government and silly environmental policies. Imagine that show on PBS in the USA and being critically of the EPA, Obama and Global Warming. It’s only a matter of time before they fire him. I doubt that he is too worried.

    • Very interesting. I will checkout the book. I always wonder when I see him on TV if he even cares if he gets canned. He pushes it to the extreme which is what carries the show.

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