TPOL Is Out of the Office


TPOL is out of the office through October. If you do not see daily posts as is required (see TPOL Opens M-F at 10:07AM EST), I am either in quarantine dealing with a breakthrough infection or having a great time. However, I have written posts from my recent trips to Colombia and Miami that will fill the airwaves until I get back. This strategy is better than waiting 5 years to recap posts about my visa problems abroad (see Visa Blunder Part 5: An Unexpected Birthday in Hong Kong).

Hasta luego,


Go Blue! From Madrid.


  1. Any thoughts on whether arbitration would be effective for the people shut down by Amex who weren’t patently abusing the situation? If you think people in this circumstance genuinely have a case, I’ll be happy to suggest you to them since you did well for me with Amex.

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