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Why do we go to the gym everyday? Is it to stay healthy? Is it because we have nothing better to do? No. For the shallow, vain among us, it’s to take that one great picture on the beach. After that, all bets are off as we eat and drink whatever we want. Inspired by hedonist tourism, TPOL has launched Let’s Eat! Libations Travel Menu to celebrate the joy of international food and drink. This menu will showcase the best places to grub from the isolation of Montana to the global crossroads of Shanghai. The goal is to highlight those can’t miss restaurants that cause your stomach to grumble as you read the posts from the quarantine of your cubicle.

So without further adieu, I give you The Menu:


[dining-review name=”The Malbec Wineries” post-link=”/its-like-riding-a-bike-those-words-have-haunted-me-for-years/” location=”Mendoza, Argentina”]


[dining-review name=”Waldorf Express Martini” post-link=”/its-an-institution-sir/” location=”Shanghai, China”]

Burgers & Hot Dogs

[dining-review name=”The Original Coney” post-link=”/detroit-delicious/” location=”Detroit, Michigan”]

[dining-review name=”The Double Lawdog” post-link=”/man-vs-himself-my-4th-of-july-hot-dog-eating-contest/” location=”Elliston, Montana”]

[dining-review name=”The 2Lb Burger” post-link=”/man-vs-food-the-2-pound-burger-eating-contest/” location=”Drummond, Montana”]

[dining-review name=”The Double Mo Club Burger” post-link=”/the-road-trip-burger-the-mo-club/” location=”Missoula, Montana”]

[dining-review name=”The Quadruple Big Macs” post-link=”/the-ugly-hungry-american/” location=”Prague, Czech Republic”]

[dining-review name=”The Burger Joint Double Cheeseburger” post-link=”/the-burger-joint-le-parker-meridien/” location=”New York, New York”]

[dining-review name=”In-N-Out UB Burger” post-link=”/in-n-out-burger-ub-style/” location=”Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia”]

Kebab, Gyros, & Shawarma

[dining-review name=”Dristor Kebap” post-link=”/best-kebab-world/” location=”Bucharest, Romania”]

[dining-review name=”Arab Kebab” post-link=”/arabs-fight-over-who-makes-the-best-kebab/” location=”Scottsdale, Arizona”]

Asian Cuisine

[dining-review name=”A Medley of Phở” post-link=”/category/the-pho/” location=”Worldwide”]

[dining-review name=”Endo Tempura” post-link=”/endo-tempura-kyoto-japan/” location=”Kyoto, Japan”]

[dining-review name=”Xiao Long Bao 小笼包” post-link=”/xiao-long-bao-a-tutorial/” location=”Shanghai, China”]

[dining-review name=”Princess Chicken” post-link=”/where-can-you-find-the-best-chinese-food-in-the-world-flint-motherfking-michigan/” location=”Flint, Michigan”]

C & B

[dining-review name=”Chicken & Broccoli” post-link=”/get-swoll-a-repats-guide-to-returning-healthy/” location=”Kirkland, Washington”]


[dining-review name=”Hot Sauce” post-link=”/put-some-hot-sauce-on-my-burrito-baby-the-worlds-best-hot-sauce/” location=”Worldwide”]

[dining-review name=”Ranch Dressing” post-link=”/i-found-hidden-valley/” location=”Anytown, Montana”]


[dining-review name=”The Icebar” post-link=”/do-you-come-here-a-lot-the-pick-up-artist-visits-the-icebar-tokyo-2/” location=”Tokyo, Japan”]

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