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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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TPOL’s Tip: Arrive Early to Avoid Sushi Terrorists

Sushi Terrorism is part of The Adios Puerto Rico, Hola España Trip Report. Read TPOL in Madrid: Why A Second Residency?

Continuing my tour of Almagro, my neighborhood in Madrid, I went to Kintaro to catch the sushi express. Destination: fat and full. Not fully acclimated to the late-night dining of Spain, I was the first to arrive at 8:30 PM. I took a seat and watched as the edamame and other starters whizzed by. A half-hour later, two more guests arrived and two more after that. The volume of food far outnumbered the number of patrons.

As time passed, the diversity of sushi increased. Initially, it was only Philadelphia rolls and salmon sushi. The rolls increased in complexity and flavor each time I looked up. In addition to Japanese food, there were also Chinese treats including spring rolls, fried rice, dumplings, and noodles. After eating plate after plate, I finally began to feel the effects of not taking a break from the carousel. However, I could not stop so long as there was something new offered. Reaching out for another treat, I realized I already had this roll. I went to put it back but thought it would be unsanitary to do so. Not one to waste food, I forced myself to eat. The tour was capped off with dessert. All of it, along with a beer, cost $22.

a long line of plates and cups on a conveyor belt

The experience itself was blog-worthy, but the reason I had to write about it is because I read this article later that night: Sushi terrorism’ prank videos in Japan are hurting its famous conveyor belt restaurants.

Per the article, videos of people licking shared soy sauce bottles and messing with plates of food on conveyor belts are prompting critics to question their prospects in a Covid-conscious world. Last week this video went viral:

Who is this child’s parents? Why are people this disgusting? One of the restaurants in Japan says it will use AI technology to combat #sushitero: “We want to deploy our AI-operated cameras to monitor if customers put the sushi they picked up with their hands back on the plates.” What has the world come to?

Until that technology is rolled out, I suggest arriving early to avoid #sushiterrorism.a neon cat and a couple of signs on a walla neon cat on a blue background

TPOL’s TIP: Kintaro is located at Calle de Fernández de la Hoz, 70, 28003 Madrid



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