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Monday, July 22, 2024
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In Transit? You Don’t Need a Visa for Brazil

Disclaimer: If you need a visa, please use my VisaHQ link. I get paid if you do. 

I’m a visa buffoon. I mess it up all the time (see all my visa blunders here including being detained in China). That’s why I wisely plug Visa HQ in all posts where a visa is required for travel.

When I booked my United ticket for 95k which included tickets to and within South America and Africa‎, I was nervous about the transit portion whereby I would be in Brazil for 12 hours without a visa. I found out the hard way many years ago that Brazil requires a visa for Americans. Two days before my New Year’s trip to Rio, I had to cancel everything and reschedule for Carnaval the February after (see Rio Travel Guide). This time Visa HQ assured me that no visa was required so long as I did not leave the airport. I was still nervous when I got off my coach flight and walked through the terminal. To my left there was immigration and directly ahead was the sign for international connections. Moving at a brisk pace, I kept my eyes focused on the connection sign, went through security, and then was at a crossroads. Was my flight out of Terminal 2 or Terminal 3? Would it make a difference if I were wrong? Not looking to take a chance, I did some research on my phone and found that South African flies out of Terminal 3. A few paces later, I was safely at the lounge and able to relax, free from visa drama.

an airplane on the runway
Believe me*, no visa required for Americans in transit.

*Do not believe me, believe VisaHQ.


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