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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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True Detective: The Case of the Stolen iPhone [Act I]

You go out, you party, you wake up to anxiety. Where is my camera, how much money did I spend, where is my phone?

Still in a daze, you are happy to find that your camera is safely tucked in your trousers, rationalize that the spending on your Chase Sapphire is acceptable since it resulted in 2X points, and commend yourself for being responsible enough to plug your phone into the charger.

Nothing stolen, no arrests, no citations, means that you’ve had a good night.

Then one day, you wake up in a hotel room in Newport News, Virginia and your iPhone has gone missing.

The following story is based on actual events and the conversations are based on actual messages. The names of the characters and places have been altered to protect the parties involved.

October 21, 2013 12:47 pm

Trent: so annoyed, someone stole my phone. this is so weak

Alvin: hahahaha, haha, that’s just terrible 

Trent: i wouldve thought i just lost it but the cord and plug were gone too. of course phatty211’s ipad was still there wtf

Alvin: where did this happen?

Trent: last night, i left it charging in the room when i went to the concert. came back and nada. i did ‘find phone’ and it was last seen at 2am about 5 miles from our hotel. hasnt been turned on since. it was stolen from the room1. !. well here is the kicker, there were two passed out idiots in the room!! probably with the doors open. idiots

Alvin: oh so then i’ts your fault for sharing room with idiots. shouldve used carlson points!!

Trent: and no insurance on phone ahhhhh they want full retail price hadgehdjcdwhw

Alvin: that is terrible

Trent: i took a taxi to the att store and my partial upgrade discount was like $5. he tried to sell me 5c so i left. $680 for 64gb, $550 for 32

October 22, 2013 9:42 pm

Trent: i think i’ll just pay the ripoff full price. why wont this asshole turn my damn phone on?!?! i wannnnnnna find it

Alvin: cuz he’s taken out the sim. and disabled gps

Trent: it did turn on for a hot second at 2:04am. lol i didnt have a passcode on it. i remote locked it, turned off at&t, passcoded it etc

Alvin: hmm

Trent: something still doesnt add up tho. i mean there were two people in the room all night. it had to be hotel staff

Alvin: maybe it was the people you hang out with? 

Trent: it wasnt those two, they were passed out. and they are defo not thieves. some fucking employee probably snuck in grabbed my phone and bounced. i even noticed i forgot it when i was like a block away and i go “oh shit i forgot my phone! well, no one answers during the show anyways, i’ll grab it after”. literally said that out loud

Alvin: losing your phone, no matter what, is rookie. and makes u question your party lifestyle. as is almsot getting arrested

Trent: phatty211’s ipad was still there, the other kid’s macbook, etc. my work laptop. hahaha

Alvin: why didnt u ask hotel security for surveillance. no cameras in the hallway?

Trent: not that i could see. i looked

Alvin: did u ask?

Trent: no. i dont have a phone!

Alvin: hahah

Trent: its just so weird. thats why i thought i just dropped it somewhere. but the cable and plug were gone. and it was an extra long 12′ cable

Alvin: so the door to the room was open or unlocked?

Trent: unlocked most likely. not sure. housekeeping/security culdve unlocked it

Alvin: still not adding up

Trent: nope. i kept wondering if i took it to a different room. but i clearly texted phatty211 at 7:25 from the room asking where he was. and i remember trying to wake the passed out kid up, pointing at the clock and saying “it’s 7:22, wake up!!!” i think it was the front desk guy!

What happened to Trent’s phone? Do you think his buddies stole it? Do you think it was foul play on behalf of the hotel? Do you think he just lost it in a drunken stupor?

Will Alvin be able to save the day?

Tune in next time for Act II of True Detective: The Case of the Stolen iPhone.

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