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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Wells Fargo Card: The Most Resilient Reconsideration Call(s) Ever

On a churner’s high, I decided to apply for a Wells Fargo travel card way back in early May. I’m not even sure which one it was.

I was rejected online then told to wait for my rejection letter in the mail. It arrived May 14th and the reason for rejection was: Lack of or insufficient duration of relationship with Wells Fargo.

I called the number on the letter hoping for an explanation. The agent stated that Wells Fargo requires an additional account such as a checking or savings account before it will consider an application. He advised me to go into a branch and open an account. I went to the local branch with my US Passport Card since I had lost my Arizona driver’s license. The personal banker who was unfamiliar with the card asked me if I was a US citizen. That was interesting.

Accounts opened, I called reconsideration and was told that my checking and savings account were too new and underfunded to satisfy the requirement. A week later I called again and spoke to a nicer representative who said that my application would now be processed. A couple of days later I called again and was told that my application had been rejected because they could not confirm my address. I would have to fax proof of mail at my address for at least three months for them to process my application. They advised that I go to the local branch.

I went to the local branch with my proof of address and they faxed it to Wells Fargo credit services. I called reconsideration to see if they had received yet. They had but they said it would take another 48 hours to process my application.

Today I called to see if my application had been processed. It had. After all this, I was approved for a mind-blowing $2500! I think the card provides $400 in travel credit after $3000 spent in 3 months but I’ll probably have to call in to verify that too.

I think this is the card.
I think this is the card.




  1. Wow, great perseverance. After all that, I’d start to wonder if someone I’ve previously wronged was hired by WF and pulling the strings to mess with me from behind the curtain!

  2. All this because you didn’t show them your drivers license which serves as proof of address? Also it’s probably because the drivers license and address info are verifiable in the consumer databases that banks use but not the passport card which does not have your address.

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