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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Le Bon Vivant: Fine Dining in Franschhoek

Where to Eat Franschhoek is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Speaking in superlatives can lead to trouble. I claimed that the best sushi rolls (emphasis added on rolls) comes from Cape Town, and the anti-mayo mafia went nuts in the follow-up comments. I said that the best bubbles come from Franschhoek and not France, and surprisingly I did not receive any blowback. I stand behind those posts and will continue hyping South Africa by proclaiming that the best oysters in the world are served in Franschhoek, specifically in Le Bon Vivant restaurant. After the greatest day of drinking fine reds, bubbles, and visiting the largest car collection in the southern hemisphere, it was time to feast. a round building with a thatched roof

Anothinij Rupert Blend 
I arrived at the restaurant, proudly carrying my bottle of Rupert. The bottle was a head turner and I received many compliments. Before ordering, the wine was poured in the decantur and the libations began.
a bottle of wine in a box a bottle of wine in a box a man holding a box with a gift a bottle of wine on a table a glass and water on a table a woman holding a glass a woman holding a glass of wine a person pouring wine into a glass a glass decanter with red liquid a man holding a wine glass

Blown away by the wine, it was time for some light appetizers.  a glass cup with food in it a wooden board with food on it

The Oysters
Whatever I write about the oysters will not come close to describing how delicious they were. We ordered so many that the waitress said they were in danger of running out. The first order was with the appetizer. The second was during the entree. And the third came pre-desert. a plate of oysters and a plate of food a plate of oysters and lemons

At this point Rupert has taken over and I am already full. I pressed on and was glad I did. a plate of food on a table a plate of food with shrimp and vegetables

With the wine gone and having more than my fill of oysters, it was time for dessert. a plate of desserts on a table

If you are searching for fine dining in Franschhoek, might I suggest Le Bon Vivant. It was a perfect way to end an epic day.


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