Why Is Turkish ‘Unsanitary’ on SeatGuru?


I am not a huge fan of Turkish Airlines. I have flown it many times before. In 2019, I flew it from Istanbul to Shanghai and could not believe that they operated a 2-3-2 business class (see Turkish Business IST-PVG: Really, 2-3-2?). To ensure that I don’t end up on another sub-product, I tried to use SeatGuru. Regardless of the flight, all Turkish queries resulted in this:

I have no idea why this occurs but it, along with Chase’s incompetence in transferring my United miles (see Remedial Reminder: Put Your Rewards Account Number in Your Credit App), is making my effort to get back in the sky frustrating as hell.


  1. So why is it iunsanitary? It’s like me writing an article asking why bubbles form with soap and water without the explanation. Stupid. Slow news day and the writer got called away to go golfing?

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