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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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几点钟?World Time Buddy Knows

If you’re like me then time zones get you all sorts of messed up. Living in Arizona, I didn’t have to worry about time zones as the world revolved around us W Scottsdale vagabonds. Living in New York, I need my office to have those front desk clocks which shows the time from all over the world. (Somehow they are never synchronized.) Calls need to be made to London, Paris, or even the House of Miles in Colorado and I need to be certain that I am calling at the right time.

Conceptually, it is easy to compute. If it is 10AM in NY it’s 7AM in Los Angeles. Having said that, I won’t share how many times I made mistakes and tried to back pedal by saying, “Oh, I thought our conversation was scheduled for…”

To save you the embarrassment, I use the tool World Time Buddy that takes the guess-work out of planning your call to Dubai or to solve the riddle for how time travel is possible if you fly from Tahiti to New Zealand.

Clocks in Cairo
Clocks in Cairo


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