Happy Festivus! Airing of Blog Grievances 2015


Happy Festivus! It’s been a good year for TPOL but let me tell you all the ways that airlines, hotel chains, manufactured spending outlets, credit card companies, bloggers, and commentators have disappointed me over the last year.

  1.  The Death of RedBird for Reloading Directly with a Credit Card
  2. The End of RedBird Reloading with Gift Cards
  3. The End of GiftCardMall 
  4. The End of Giftcards.com 
  5. Election 2016: Where Have All the MS Jobs Gone? 
  6. The Deal Killer Strikes Again
  7. The Devaluation of Club Carlson 
  8. The Devaluation of Southwest 
  9. The Devaluation of American 
  10. The Devaluation of British Avios Transfer from Amex
  11. Is Everyone Flying Etihad But Me? 
  12. The Merger of Marriott and SPG
  13. Amex Raises SPG Annnual Fee
  14. Denied Delta Bonus
  15. Wells Fargo Is the Worst Bank

A Festivus celebration is certainly not complete without the Feats of Strength. I challenge all the commentators who troll my posts and that of other bloggers with smart ass, short-sighted remarks but never come back to hear our witty responses.

Happy Festivus!

Pistons come to The Garden in 6 days!
Pistons come to The Garden in 6 days!

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