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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Lie-Flat Surprise: Etihad First Class A340 Cairo to Abu Dhabi

The Etihad First Class A340 Cairo to Abu Dhabi Flight Review is part of the Trip Report Athens Marathon: The Original Course which includes the following cities:

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It is ironic that the relaxing start to my vacation was en route back to the US. The journey to Los Angeles began in Cairo aboard Etihad, stopped in Abu Dhabi for a night, and resumed the next day on the same carrier but different plane.

When I originally made the booking, I was so concerned with finding first class availability from AUH-LAX that I didn’t check what type of plane would be from CAI-AUH. I figured it would be a 737 with oversized seats that reclined. Imagine my surprised when I boarded the plane and found the exact opposite. After all the bumps I had endured on this trip, I thought it was fitting that something finally went my way.

2015-11-16 13.00.06
Not one flight in Egypt had a jetway
2015-11-16 13.01.16
Etihad A340
2015-11-16 13.01.43
Etihad livery
2015-11-16 13.02.26
View of the wing
2015-11-16 13.06.31
Finally some peace and quiet
2015-11-16 13.06.37
The 1-2-1 config
2015-11-16 13.06.52
A blanket worth keeping
2015-11-16 13.07.02
Water + assorted nuts at your fingertips
2015-11-16 13.08.16
The only thing worth drinking in life
2015-11-16 13.08.29
2015-11-16 13.08.50
A step up from the 737
2015-11-16 13.09.05
Nice for a couples flight
2015-11-16 13.17.03
A340 first class
2015-11-16 13.21.58
The amenities kit
2015-11-16 14.13.31
Mocktails: who is ordering this? If you’re a child, why are you flying in first? If you’re an adult, really? Just have a Sprite, you’re a grown up.
2015-11-16 14.14.29
You knew this pics was coming
2015-11-16 14.15.45
And this one
2015-11-16 14.15.51
Now horizontal
2015-11-16 14.36.38
A fine selection of bread: I enjoyed the garlic bread
2015-11-16 14.39.40
The mezze was very good
2015-11-16 14.51.12
Etihad touch on everything
Etihad First Class A340 Cairo to Abu Dhabi Flight Review
The kufta was dry, I do not recommend it
Etihad First Class A340 Cairo to Abu Dhabi Flight Review
Just a pretty picture with Aladdin
2015-11-16 15.22.26
Nice tea after the meal
Etihad First Class A340 Cairo to Abu Dhabi Flight Review
Closing the suite for privacy

All of this for a flight that was only 3 hours long. I was sad to leave but happy I could do it all again the next day on a 777 for 16.5 hours.

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