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Friday, June 21, 2024
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A 45 Minute Time Difference in Kathmandu? Stupidity Knows No Bounds

45 Minute Time Difference is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

I wrote about how stupid daylight savings is (see No Daylight Savings in Puerto Rico! Literally, When Will the US Catch Up?). I struggle with time zones all the time. I call clients in the US at 11AM, 11PM in Shanghai, (see TPOL in Shanghai) only to hang up thinking it is also night there. Obviously, that makes no sense. I get confused if I’m too early or if I’m too late when I schedule phone conferences when someone is in Pacific time and I’m in Puerto Rican time. Welcome to Kathmandu, where the time difference is X + 45 minutes. What purpose does this serve but to specifically mess with me? It may not create jet lag but it is certainly confusing.

TPOL’s Update: Originally I said it was X + 30. It’s actually X + 45. This further proves how stupid and confusing it is.

a man in an orange suit standing in a street with people and cars
Welcome to Kathmandu.


  1. Maybe it’s because their neighbor, India, has a permanent time zone of x+30 minutes. Perhaps they want to have a coordinated time with India?

  2. Stupidity knows no bounds indeed. Nepal is 5:45 ahead of of GMT, not 5:30- that’s India.

    FYI- it’s mainly a political move to highlight that Nepal is not part of India

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