Alex’s Hip New Year’s Travels: Ringing in the Hotel Reviews Section


Tokyo (473)Like Michael Corleone, in 5 years ThePointsOfLIfe will be completely legitimate. I will have affiliate link ads bating readers to apply for twenty cards a day, pop ups for those who are lonely, and the same repetitive content that can be found everywhere- “Southwest Airlines 50,000 Offer Still Available!”

To aid in this transition, I have added the Hotel Reviews page where I review hotels in the only way I can- brutally honest. A great starting place is all the hotels that I have stayed at for New Year’s. It also allows me to shamefully plug my book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine, by providing more content from Step 1 of Part II: Enjoy #ThePointsOfLife.

Happy New Year!

Since my freshman year in college, I have made it my mission to be out of the country when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. The trips started off tamely enough, as Mikey, George, and I hit the usual tourist spots in Mexico. Having visited Coco Bongo one too many times, we decided to mix things up and follow George’s suggestion of going to Tokyo, Japan. The year after, we were supposed to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but yours truly was unaware of the visa entry requirement, forcing us to cancel the trip two days before departing. The Bahamas was our consolation destination. My head is still pounding from the insane Junkanoo parade. No worries, Mikey and I made up for my oversight by heading to Brazil for Carnaval the February after. (George can sing along to the fun by reading Part I: “Lesson 3: Like the NFL Draft, You’re on the Clock.”)

I maintained the New Year’s streak for eleven years, only pausing in 2012 so George and I could go to New Orleans (a foreign country in its own right) to see the University of Michigan play Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.

Final Score: Michigan 23–Virginia Tech 20.

After that anomaly, the New Year’s pilgrimage resumed the following year. Please find the complete list of New Year’s destinations marked Exhibit E below:

Exhibit E: Alex’s Hip New Year’s Travels

                        2001: Cancún, Mexico

                        2002: Toronto, Canada

                        2003: Montreal, Canada

                        2004: Cancún, Mexico

                        2005: Acapulco, Mexico

                        2006: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

                        2007: Tokyo, Japan

                        2008: Paradise Island, Bahamas

                        2009: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

                        2010: Bali, Indonesia

                        2011: Panama City, Panama

                        2012: New Orleans, Louisiana

                        2013: Goa, India

                        2014: Cape Town, South Africa

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