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Alex’s Hip New Year’s Travels: Hotel Riu Cancun 2004

Every New Years dating back to 2001, it has been a tradition for me to be out of the country when the clock strikes midnight.
Years before ThePointsOfLife was traveling for free, I used to do something ridiculous; I used to pay for hotel rooms. In December 2003, my best friends and I paid an exorbitant $2000 per person for a week at the all-inclusive Riu Cancun including airfare. I had to dig into the archives to find one for the awful Hotel Riu Cancun.
I do hope my writing has improved since then.
“I wanted a Beach and Sun!”
1 of 5 starsReviewed October 21, 2004

Dont waste your money going to this hotel. I will tell you one thing. the hotel iteslf is beautiful but its too big for the land it is situated on. Furthermore, the sun disappears by 4pm. the pool is freezing. the beach is nonexistent. literally, its all rocks and fake sand. they were actually pumping sand into the other riu next door when we got there. fake sand i tell you! fake beach! the food wasnt the worst i must say but it wasnt delicious either. the drinks werent bad just dont piss off the capitain or else he’ll stop serving you as he did us. horrible hotel. go check out the sheraton for a nice beach at a much better price.

Cancun (169)
The impressive tower blocks out the sun.
Giving you a freezing cold, empty pool.
Cancun (44)
All you can drink poison.
Cancun (29)
What time is it? No one can tell because the sun is blocked out. Oh, and the beach? There is no beach, just rocks.
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This pic not only shows my stellar ability to go up and make the catch but also how shaded the pool really is.
3 Liters of Bacardi make everything better.




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