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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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American Airlines Admirals Club JFK

This is part of the Trip Report Welcome to the Cold where I traveled from NYC to:

If you’re just tuning in now be sure to read how I ended up with this unique itinerary by checking out The Original Plan: The $77,000 Trip Heard Round the World, the subsequent Change Up: Riga, Latvia? and the Mongolia angle: IGLOO-GER: The Helsinki-Ulaanbaatar Trip Report.

Behold the American Airlines Admirals Club JFK.

The deceiving sign had me thinking I was going to the Flagship Lounge. See comments below.

I was at the lounge as a guest of Finnair en route to Helsinki. A couple of months ago I was at the Emirates Lounge JFK where I was quite spoiled.

The lounge is a typical American lounge. By American I mean a lounge found in the United States. There is no bottomless champagne, no obscene buffet, and no complimentary massages.

Here’s what you do get:

american admirals club jfk
One Whole Drink! And what’s a chit?

Besides that the lounge is pretty standard. Here are some pics if you’re still reading:

american admirals club jfk
The businessmen doing business.
american admirals club jfk
Savor the drink.
american admirals club jfk
There is a beautiful view.

Now Boarding Finnair Business to Helsinki Through Here==>



  1. You sure that isn’t the Admirals Club? He drink voucher is from the Admirals Club. Had you been in the Flagship Lounge there would have been bottomless champagne (well, sparkling wine) and a buffet…

    • I’m guessing it was the Flagship Lounge (see the pic I added at the top).

      Dare you say sparkling wine = bottomless champagne lol.

      Flagship or Admiral or one in the same, there is no comparison to Emirates.

  2. It’s definitely the Admirals Club. You would have been escorted into the Flagship Lounge or given a key card to open the door to access. It may not be Emirates, but the Flagship Lounge is not the same as the Admirals Club. You would have had all-you-can drink self-serve liquor, a buffet, etc. It’s not really fair to AA to say this is a report of the flagship first class lounge product when it is a report of the standard business class lounge…

    • And for the record, if I made a mistake then I’m happy to correct it. “It’s not really fair to AA to say this is a report of the flagship first class lounge product when it is a report of the standard business class lounge…” implies that I’m doing it on purpose.

  3. Also, you can receive more drink coupons. The only reason they are used is because Admirals Club members are not entitled to the premium liquor for free (but rail liquor and a selection of beer and wine is free), whereas other forms of access (like flying business class on AY) are.

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