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Monday, July 22, 2024
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AwardWallet Management

If you’re in the points game then you better have AwardWallet which keeps track of all your miles, hotels, rewards, and organ donors.

Today I went through my account admiring the stockpile I have amassed, a clear violation of the Shut Up & Book ideology. While doing so I took note of a few accounts that are not supported by AwardWallet including the following:

  • Delta
  • United
  • Copa
  • Southwest

It is annoying that these programs do not participate because the expiration date of the miles is not updated. Delta miles are useless so the fact that they don’t expire isn’t a game changer. The others like Southwest and United do expire so it’s important to manually update the dates as a reminder. The same should be done for SQ KrisFlyer which is supported by AwardWallet but doesn’t confirm the expiration.

Finally, if you are going to have a 70 character password for any of your accounts that you protect with your life, it should be your AwardWallet account. Most of us probably have more points than dollars and someone accessing your AwardWallet could cause quite the mess. More disturbing is that AwardWallet allows you to reveal the password for each account. If you keep your Amex, Barclays, and Chase accounts in AwardWallet without a hyper secure password (which doesn’t exist) then they are vulnerable.

Obviously, there is no fool-proof solution to hackers but there is a need for common sense and reasonable precaution.



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