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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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RIP Rubber Duck: Manufactured Spend, Now What?

The duck is dead. According to Miles to Memories, GiftCard Mall is no longer a viable source for MS. They’ve cut the $500 gift card down to $250 making it both inconvenient and more expensive to hit those pesky minimum spends. The good days of the rubber duck when I received cash back, loaded them onto my Bluebird at Walmart are no more.

Now we are at the mercy of drug stores, grocery stores, and whoever allows us to use our credit card to purchase $500 cards for a fee of $6.95. The fees suck but imagine the alternative, actually spending money.

I blame much of this on the man with the bow tie.

RIP my duck! RIP.

UPDATE: Rubber Duck may be on life support. The $500 cards are back but for me I think he’s a goner because all my orders have been cancelled. The last one was escalated to management and they never got back to me about it.



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