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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Delta Platinum Approval & Amex CC Limits

Well that was much ado about nothing. Amex approved my Delta Platinum card netting me 60k useless Delta Skypesos. It always feels great to get accepted but I will have to be creative if I want to burn these points in style. Most likely I’ll apply for the business Delta next. Perhaps I will wait a year and get the gold too and then try to find availability from FNT to DTW in first class.

Spoiled churner comments notwithstanding, I think I learned something today or maybe I am more confused. At the time of my application I had the following credit cards (not charge cards):

  • Hilton Surpass
  • Hilton
  • Amex Blue
  • SPG Personal
  • SPG Business

The rule I thought I broke when I initially applied was that card members were capped at 4 credit cards. Recognizing this, I cancelled the Surpass which had an annual fee to bring me into compliance. But today when I called the agent said that my SPG business counted as a credit card towards the tally forcing me to knock off the Hilton in order to get approval.

So either the agent was mistaken or that is the new rule. Either way I’d like to welcome the Delta Platinum Amex back to my house. I haven’t seen it since my beloved NWA card left US Bank.



  1. Two months ago I applied, and was approved for, a business platinum card while holding the following open accounts:
    1) SPG
    2) SPG Biz
    3) HHonors
    4) Personal Plat
    5) Blue
    6) Biz Gold Rewards

    The variety of open accounts was never raised as an issue. And now I have 7 Amex products with multiple AUs under each.

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