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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Bangkok Residency Booked! BKK-SIN-JFK SQ Return

Bangkok Residency is part of the Over Under Trip Report.

I don’t bother comparing what I do versus that of my friends, colleagues, or strangers because there is no competition. By no competition, I mean that there is no wrong way to travel. You want to explore the world on a Disney Cruise? Be my guest. But should you want to compete either in Country Count or experiences, you are going to come up short.

Last year, the native son went to Iraq for his 40th birthday (see Iraqi Homecoming: My 40th Birthday in Baghdad) and Doha for the World Cup in December of 2022 (see Booked! Qatar Qsuites Round 3 for the World Cup). The World Cup was supposed to be the start of my bold residency idea, whereby I live in first-class cities throughout the world twice a year (see Vote for Where TPOL Will Move Next And…) I was supposed to start in Dubai so I could commute to more matches. Due to logistical issues, I had to cancel that plan (see Finalizing the ANA RTW Trip, World Cup & Luck Included). Undaunted, I decided that my first residency would be in Melbourne, Australia in the spring of 2023 (see 55K Alaskan to Fiji And My New Melbourne Residence). I called it the Over/Under Trip Report because of the location and because I did not know the odds that I could actually pull off a second residency.

In February of 2023, I made good on my promise to live somewhere else (TPOL in Madrid: Why A Second Residency?). However, I opted for Madrid, (see Adios Puerto Rico, Hola Espana), delaying the Melbourne move to November. The problem with this plan is that it did not take into account my new desire to be abroad during the holiday season (see Living It Up: Favorite Cities, New Residencies, Summer @ the Sea). Accordingly, I had to add an economically reasonable and practical place to go after Melbourne. The obvious choice was Bangkok. While I am still trying to decide how much time I should split between these two cities, I did secure my long-haul flight home. For only 112,000 SQ miles (see Mile Transfer Anxiety), I am flying this glorious route in business:

a screenshot of a flight schedule

I flew the longer version last September, JFK-SIN, and declared it to be the best business class flight in the world (see World’s Longest & Best Business Class Flight: JFK-SIN). The residency plan gets better and better, making me, TPOL, Simply The Best.



  1. Hmmm. Since the TPOL homestead is now in Puerto Rico, this trip to New York isn’t quite enough to get you home. Only about 3 hours away. . . Unless you are speaking of home in the sense of arriving in the USA

  2. Lol the let down of flying JetBlue in coach isn’t a fun post. But the impressive part is that I will get home the same day. There’s late flights out of JFK.

    • Yeah, letdown is a very modest way to describe the transition from Singapore Airlines business to jetBlue coach. But I have every confidence TPOL will find the erudite adjective to communicate the feeling, so we vicarious readers will understand.

      But wait, shouldn’t TPOL be using Spirit saver club-something benefits on the NYC-SJU route???? I seem to recall a post about enrollment in that club

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