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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Booked! Qatar Qsuites Round 3 for the World Cup

In July, I stayed up all night before succumbing to sleep before waking up again to buy my tickets to the World Cup (see Is TPOL Going to The World Cup?). The time has come for the start of the greatest tournament in the world. The problem is that I had no way of getting there – until now. Last week, I randomly searched Qatar‘s website for two tickets from Miami to Doha. I was shocked that there were two flights with multiple seats available. I was even more surprised that those seats were still available after I battled Amex for a double points transfer (see Amex Transfers Points Twice! The Fight Is On!).

My new problem is how I will get home. Originally, I wanted to complete the 25,000 Mile RTW Trip which still has me in Doha but, as was the case in May, I can’t find any availability from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

Speaking of availability, World Cup Urban Turbans are available at I will be sporting my US one in the hopes that we get to the round of 16.

a head scarf with a black football ball
Stay Cool in Doha while supporting your team! Buy Now.

This will be the third time I’ve flown Qsuites this year. The first was on the way back from the aforementioned trip to Iraq (see Iraq Homecoming). The second was after breaking my 100 UN country count (see Out of Office: TPOL Breaking 100 in UN Countries Visited, Not Golf). Besides the return flight, these trips all have one thing in common: I have yet to complete the Trip Report!

a man taking a selfie
Here we go!


  1. I usually like your posts but you do realize almost 7k people died building the infrastructure for the world cup? Don’t get me started on the fact the jail and kill homosexuals and women basically are servants but glad to see you supporting their economy.

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