Blind Taste Tasting @ NZ’s Oldest Riverside Tavern


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Do you fancy yourself a beer drinker? Can you differentiate among different beers? I certainly cannot and still don’t know the difference between a lager and a pilsner. To be sure, I can pick out a gross IPA and can feel the thickness of a stout, but that’s about the extent of my capabilities. Unless it’s something obvious like a hefeweizen or Dunkel Weizen, chances are I will not get it right. This was confirmed during my blind tasting tour at The Riverhead, New Zealand’s Oldest Riverside Tavern (an interesting claim to fame).

The Brewery 

The Hoppiness 

The beers were served and the tasting began.
I got one right.

The Food

Beer snobs can look down on me for that showing, but I found real hoppiness in the food.


I am a pro when it comes to wine tasting (see Waimauku: Wine Tasting in Auckland), but beer? Not so much.


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