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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Breaking 90: Week 1 (Delayed) + New Product(s) Added

Disclaimer: I may receive a commission if you click and buy a product listed.

Breaking 90, Week 1 (Delayed) is part of the TPOL to LIV PGA Trip Report (read the Introduction Inspiration).

Are you looking to break 90? Are you looking to golf in Saudi Arabia?

Here’s what you will need. The ones in bold are the new, but critical additions.

  1. Urban Turban: I tried to start my routine, but it is too damn hot in Puerto Rico. I should be wearing my Urban Turban while practicing. I should also be selling it to my Arab brethren (see The Urban Turban Has Launched: Buy One Today! [Limited Inventory]). Urban Turban is on sale here.
  2. Hitting Net: Our driving range inconveniently opens at sunrise and closes at 4PM. Trying to avoid heat stroke, I purchased a hitting net so I can practice at night under a random floodlight. The Rukket training net costs $320 and is available here.
  3. My friend’s book- Golf: How to Break 90 in 42 Days or Less: Mastering Just 6 Critical Golf Skills is a Proven Shortcut to Lower Scores.$29.95 on Amazon
  4. The Rapsodo MLM2PRO. Finally in stock and on sale for $699.
  5. The electric shock therapy watch from deWizz, on sale for $699.
  6. Various training aids like the impact bag from EyeLine Golf, on sale for $75.
  7. A golf pro to teach you how to use this stuff. Prices vary.
  8. The right attitude. Priceless.

Over the next 6 weeks, I will provide my reviews of all these products and measure my progress. Let’s get started. I’ll let you know when I get started.

a grass field with trees and a fence at night
The field of dreams.


  1. My favorite edit from the last Week 1 blog entry is that TPOL hasn’t started yet! Classic. How about a picture of someone wearing the Urban Turban in front of the Hitting Net? Or are those items still yet to arrive?

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