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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Brex 110k Finally Complete

Earning 110k points by opening a Brex account was supposed to be easy. First, I had issues being approved (see Brex: The 110K Application, The Approval, But Only Conditionally). I was approved and hit the 3k minimum spend for the additional 10k.  Then I received the 80k (see Brex 80k Posted! What About Payroll?). I tried to earn the last 20k by linking my PayPal. I speculate that it didn’t work because I was transferring money from PayPal using funds from my bank, not funds from my PayPal account. Running out of days, I tried Xoom but that was declined despite calling them to confirm my identity. Finally, the EUREKA! moment happened when I linked my Stripe account, an actual account that I use for my business, to send transfer funds.

110k the unnecessarily hard way. Now what will I do with those points? (See 11 Reasons Why I Still Don’t Want to Travel).



  1. Me too.
    the good: I got the Brex 110K
    the bad: I’m already sitting on over 7 million miles/points. And haven’t traveled since flying home from Singapore Feb 16 2020

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