Etihad First Class Lounge: What’s a Lounge Without a Cigar?


Etihad First Class Lounge Review is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.

I have been to many airport lounges (see Lounge Reviews). I can confidently declare that Etihad’s First Class Lounge is the best. It is better than Air New Zealand, Cathay, Emirates, Eva, Lufthansa, Singapore, Turkish, and Virgin’s. Though other lounges have unique offerings (see Champagne, Cigars, Caviar? The Most Clever Lounge Perk), Etihad is the only one that has a cigar room. Before I get to that, let me dispense with the basic amenities that are far from basic.

Private Rooms 

Subject to availability, there are massive private rooms to relax, unwind, or shoot a music video.

My Sleeping Room 

I chose this one:

Dining Areas 

Looking to be social? There are plenty of places to sit and eat.

Seating Areas

Looking to be antisocial? There are plenty of places to sit, especially when arriving at night.


Looking to drink? This is the bar for you. Not only is there a wide selection but also there is a bartender who likes to offer shots and mixed cocktails, no matter the time.


There is plenty of self-service finger food before fine dining.


I was there so long I had multiple dinners.


The first shave I had at an airport was at an Etihad Lounge (see Etihad Arrivals Lounge: Time for a Proper Shave). The tradition continued here.

Nicer than my local barbershop.
Don’t recall my local barber giving me espresso.

There are other services available but paying is losing.

The Cigar Lounge

Now for the main event, the cigar lounge. This is by far the coolest perk I’ve seen in an airport. The lounge features fine cigars, excellent cognac, and exclusivity.

The lounge underscores that this is The Points Of Life. Take a good look.


This is the lounge for living.




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