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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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British Airways Promotes Gloom

Maybe it’s the effects of bad food or the terrible weather of England but the feeling of gloom is when dealing with British Airways. And they seem to want to spread this despair during the booking process. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have booked a flight during the British sale I hope you are satisfied with the booking. Otherwise, you will be stuck like I currently am trying to find a way to cancel in order to rebook.

Why not cancel online you may ask? Here’s what it says when I try:

Why do I have to call!
Why do I have to call!

The chronicles of dealing with British customer service have been documented. It starts with that depressing music that fills the room with melancholy. That is broken up by the sweet voice of the agent who tricks you into believing that someone will soon be on the line. If someone ever does answer, the bait and switch is completed by the agent who can’t be bothered to help you with your reservation. As a matter of fact, I feel guilty asking for their help because it sounds like I am interrupting something important that they are doing.

Why is British so mean to its customers? Surely it must be something we are doing wrong.

Perhaps they hate my unsophisticated American accent, the way I say Landon instead of Lundun. Perhaps they think I’m ‘taking the piss’ or getting ‘cheeky’ when I ask if they’re sure there are no flights available. Or perhaps they’re jealous that our national food isn’t fish and chips.

All this could be avoided if you let me cancel online but that would be too positive a solution from such an unhappy company.




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