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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Keep Vs. Cancel: $800 British Business RT

Yesterday I dropped the ball on the British Sale by tending to my real job and not my points profession. By the time I got around to looking for flights, all the deals were gone. I managed to book what would on any other day be a tremendous deal but for others reporting that they had received similar flights for much cheaper.

Here is the itinerary:

Business is on the right but you could pay more for premium economy if you would like.
Each leg I paid an extra $30 for British over AA, a worthwhile choice

The cost includes the AARP discount and the discount for using 30k Avios. Luck would have it that I transferred enough Avios at the old MR rate to have the 60k required.

This fare is still available as 11AM Pacific Time.

Here are the pros for keeping it:

  • $800 for RT in British Avios is a good deal.
  • It is on an a380.
  • I have to go to Europe next year to use my newly minted Hyatt Diamond for the Park Hyatt Milan. From there it’s off to Naples, and Portugal during peak summer travel.
  • This is an open jaw ticket.
  • Using points to fly to Europe is a waste if it’s from the east coast and not worth it if I were to book with British.

Here are the cons:

  • Others got similar routes for $450: This kills me because I booked two tickets meaning I’m paying $1600 while they are paying $900. That’s a substantial difference. By cancelling at least I don’t have to be on the plane wondering if I paid more than my fellow passenger.

Keeping apprised of air deals and booking quick is not a novel concept. Sometimes we arrive first and have our pick of the litter and sometimes we show up too late and are forced to take what’s left over. I’m wondering whether it is worth it.

Let me know. I have till midnight to cancel.

UPDATE: I switched my ticket and am much happier now that I’m going to St. Tropez. 



  1. If you transferred the Avios for purchasing this deal and are otherwise stuck with them as Avios with no short –> medium term use, I’d probably keep the flights. It’s still a damn good deal, ultimately.

  2. Who cares if you paid more? You still got a great deal, so why on earth would you cancel just because someone else got a better deal than you? I paid the same as you for my BA tickets yesterday because my dates were not flexible, and I am quite pleased with my purchase.

    • Yes your comment is in line with the pros section. I don’t mind spending money I hate wasting money. In Shanghai we would compete about who could get the cheapest tailor made shirts. The difference could be 1 yuan and I’d still be mad that I didn’t hustle harder.

      It’s a matter of my petty principles.

    • Agreeing with Gene here. Earlier I was bummed because BA pulled the Avios promotion, so I couldn’t get the stackable bonus and was limited to $75 off using Avios. Then realized the promo is still going — it’s just available for certain city pairs. Bottom line: I’m positioning to an airport two states away to get this, and you’re in Los Angeles with a good deal. The OneWorld bonus is nice too.

  3. I booked ATL-LHR-ATL this morning for next June as part of this whole business class fire sale that exploded on the Internet yesterday. Yesterday it was available for $1800 RT and I hemmed and hawed around and by the time I finally pulled the trigger today it was $2000 RT. For two of us, that meant I spent $400 more than I had to. I’m a little irked I guess, but I’m just focusing on the fact that it is a pretty damn good deal for biz tickets to Europe. So enjoy and be glad you got a great deal!

    • I want the best deal every time. I hate leaving money on the table because of my laziness and inattention to detail. That’s why I’m torn. It’s like a self-imposed sanction to cancel, a punishment for not being on top of it.

  4. in the same boat. booked a day late, fares went up. so i’m out 2x $400, still a fantastic deal for lie-flat business. i’m keeping my spain trip in may.

  5. Keep em IMO. Grabbed two yesterday @ $897.38 + 60,000 Avios for 2 RT DFW -> LHR on the AA 77W. Hoping the bonus 50k AA miles kick in some it’s an I ticket.

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