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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Can You Tell Me How to Get to Cabo Verde?

How to Get to Cabo Verde is part of the Still The Best Trip Report.

When I went to Sanya, China, I met a bartender from Cabo Verde. Since then, I have always wanted to go there. Like Sanya, Cabo Verde is overlooked as a beach and party destination, except for those in the know (see Sanya! Where to Party Guide ). Like Sanya, getting there for cheap can be challenging for those who aren’t in the know (see Cathay Dragon Coach: Hong Kong to SanyaCathay Dragon: Sanya to Hong Kong). Leaving from Tenerife South, not North (see Not My Fault: Tenerife Airport, North Or South?), I came across some absurd prices.

a screenshot of a phone

The routing was equally as terrible. The following is something I would expect flying in the Caribbean from San Juan (see Puerto Rico to Jamaica: Oh No, Not Spirit! Wait, Why Am I Connecting through Panama?).

a map of the ocean
Why am I flying north to go south?

Fortunately, showed me a better way:

a map of the ocean

Instead of flying, 2,588 miles, I only have to fly 982. Instead of paying $1,445, I am only paying $134. (The retail price is $434 but I saved $300 thanks to my $300 in travel credits from my Capital One Venture X (see Keep vs. Cancel (Proactive Edition): Capital One Venture X.)) Most importantly, the journey will only take 4 hours and 25 minutes.

Where will I go after Cabo Verde? I am trying to figure that out right now.



  1. Honest question–depending on how many segments out that you plan your travel, do you ever have issues with immigration wanting to see that you’ve booked onward travel leaving the country you’re entering? Lots of places *say* they want that, but I’ve never really paid attention to whether they actually check.

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