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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Puerto Rico to Jamaica: Oh No, Not Spirit! Wait, Why Am I Connecting through Panama?

Puerto Rico to Jamaica is part of Carnival Jamaica: TPOL Goes to Candyland.

Do you know how far Puerto Rico is from Jamaica? Better yet, do you know where either one is on a map? I will be honest and admit that I did not know that Jamaica was next to my next-door neighbor DR/Haiti. Indeed, Kingston is only 710 miles away from San Juan. It is only fitting, given the efficiency for how everything runs on this island, that these are my routing options.

a map of the islands

a map of the world with red lines

I’m sure everyone can recognize Florida in the first map, but for those who are not experts in geography or airport codes, the bottom route is San Juan to Panama City, Panama. That’s right, I have to fly from the Caribbean to Central America to go to the Caribbean. Option A is a distance flown of 1646 miles. Option B is a distance flown of 1739 miles. Before you decide which one is worse, let me inform you that Option A consists of a JetBlue flight to FLL then Spirit to KIN. Option B is Copa business. Lucky for me and lucky for you readers, I am doing both.

Puerto Rico’s inefficient routing is why my Rum Rum Trip Report isn’t humming along. Do you recall when I had to fly from San Juan to New York to go to Antigua (see Just Got Home & Now I’m Leaving Again)?

a map of the united states
At 3,368 miles this was as bad as it could get.

Poor connection aside, I am ready for Candy Land (see Carnival Jamaica: TPOL Goes to Candy Land Next Week).



  1. Should do a “Lucky” and make a round the world trip out of it. Nothing like stops in Europe, North Africa and Hong Kong to go 700 miles.

  2. Yeah, I “now” how far Puerto Rico is from Jamaica. I also “now” it’s really condescending for a travel blogger to assume I don’t because he/she doesn’t. But, you got my click, so mission accomplished.

    • Ooh a grammar error. Don’t ‘now’ where my editor was on that one. And you only know that I didn’t know where Jamaica was because I shared it. So good job for letting me ‘now’ that you now ‘now’ #expletive

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