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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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One for Controversy: My Follow-Up to the President’s Plane

On July 24, 2018, I wrote, Dear Mr. President, Leave Air Force One’s Paint Job Alone. That was quite an impassioned post that elicited all sorts of responses. For my own records, I was compelled to write the follow-up that Trump’s hideous plan had been discarded. The beautiful baby blue remains. Here is a rendering per CNN.

This rendering provided by the Department of the Air Force shows the new color scheme for Air Force One.

I would have liked to say how far we’ve come as a country since then, but five years later everyone is still talking about Trump. Post-presidency and Covid, I am happy that I have mostly moved on from such topics as they no longer dominate my travel life. Interestingly, readership has dipped as a result. Perhaps this post will get the numbers going again.



  1. With the current state of world politics, the irony of a US President flying on Air Force One, an aircraft that was originally intended for Russian carrier Transaero but was not taken by them

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