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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Capital One Says No, Again

Bloggers write about credit card offers and it appears that they get approved for everything. Someone Lucky still seems to get approved for Chase cards despite the 5/24 nonsense rule. That good fortune does not apply to me. I get a “don’t you even bother” pop-up if I even go near a Chase offer. Since life is too short to wait for my inquiries to drop off my credit report, I apply for every new offer that is available. It worked recently for my Alaska card. I thought I would give it a go for the Capital One Venture. I have applied for that card three times, and three times I have been instantly rejected including now. On top of that, there is now a hard inquiry on all three of my credit reports.

Who does Samuel L. approve if not TPOL?

I’ll have a Samuel Jackson.



  1. I hope you aren’t applying for every offer without researching the anti-churning rules. Other than random business cards (see US Bank Leverage for an odd one) and AMEX repeats, which you can do every several years, we are shut out by all banks for now. Therefore, we are sitting out waiting to get below 5/24 next fall…

  2. I don’t see any of the card-pushing blogs mentioning that Cap One routinely turns down responsible card holders, regardless of churning habits. Wonder why that is? Cap One wants cardholders who carry a balance and will be profitable paying interest. I was at 3/24 (two of those over 12 mos), 800+ credit, high income – declined for too many accounts opened in the last 24 months. So what is it? 2/24? No, they just make an excuse when they think you won’t be carrying a balance. Standard practice if you look at DPs in other blogs. Responsible bloggers should advise their readers to take a pass on Cap One: if you’re using credit cards the financially responsible way, you likely won’t get approved. If you’re carrying a balance, you probably shouldn’t be applying in the first place. Thank you for calling this out, all you get with them is a HP on all three credit bureaus.

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