Surviving Shutdown: COVID Drinking Mask


COVID Drinking Mask is part of The Lost & Found Year(s): Covid Trip Report. 

Besides injecting myself with bleach and calling it a day, I’ve tried to find ways to stay alive and stay positive. By positive I mean my attitude, I don’t mean a positive test (see Thanks Donald! My COVID Test in Puerto Rico). I’m slowly adapting to this avoidable shit normal (see Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation). I’ve accepted the fact that America is a pariah on the world stage and that I won’t be allowed to seek refuge in a country that has its act together (see Do I Stay Or Do I Go? Thoughts on the Second Covid Wave, written on 4/23/20). Remember when a certain someone called places shithole countries? Now look where we are. Fear not, we’ll all magically disappear.

Instead of dwelling on inept, incompetent, negligent leadership, I decided to take care of myself. First, I addressed my fitness needs (see TPOL’s Travel & Fitness Intro). Second, I took out a loan for $420,000,000. Finally, I addressed my drinking problem. And by problem I don’t mean drinking too much. I mean the inability to party without exposing myself or others to COVID. While I refuse to fall for the gimmick products marketed for this pandemic, I did make an exception for the following:

The Redee mask and straw gives me the flexibility to be my belligerent self and remain social. COVID isn’t going away for a long time so why not have a shot, even if it isn’t the vaccine which won’t be out by November, and even if it is out of a straw. Regardless, you’ll feel a lot better than a certain clown did after his pathetic debate performance.



TPOL’s TIP: That means health. Think about it.


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