Sunday, March 7, 2021

Broke from Traveling? HomeBudget App Can Help

Before traveling, I try to find flights on the best metal for as cheap as possible, use my points to stay at top end hotels for next to nothing, in an effort to be as frugal as possible.

Laptop Broken Again: TPOL Dead

Your wish has come true. TPOL has quit writing until his tenth Lenovo ThinkPad is fixed. Readers will recall that this is not the first or fourth time this has occurred (see And Now...

HBO Go: Now Playing at a NYC Hotel Near You

For those of you who don't free ride off of your parent's HBO subscription, there's another way to catch up on your HBO favorites. Simply check in to a Marriott in NYC, and HBO...

Freddie Awards 2019: Winner for Best Dressed And More

TPOL received free articles of clothing from Bluffworks. This review is based on my experience wearing said clothing. Disclaimer: Bluffworks sent me jeans to try at no cost to me. I also receive compensation if...

Be Careful Using Google Maps!

Google Maps is part of the TPOL in NYC ongoing Trip Report. I wrote about how I am older and wiser (see I Jaywalk No More). Now I'm going to sound even more out-dated when...

Google Timeline: An Invasive But Useful (Self) Spy Tool

I am catching up on my two final trip reports (see Punxsutawney TPOL: Leaving My Basement Trip Report). Since it has been four years and since I didn't smartly take notes or take photos of...
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