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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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BRB: Laptop Broken, Villa Remodel

Thank you for all the messages, letters, and calls. I am fine. The laptop once again is broken (see in 2018 Laptop Broken Again: TPOL Dead and 2017 And Now My Laptop Is Broken). Another Lenovo order is in the works. I do have this Mac Studio that I paid $3500 to acquire to edit my drone videos (see VIDEO: SkyDio 2 Inaugural Flight: Rio Mar, Puerto Rico). Now, I will be forced to learn how to use it. The alternative is to take my laptop in for service, but who knows what Hunter Biden kompromat will be found on there.

a pile of rubble in a room
Simultaneously, my villa is once again under construction, further distracting me from my blogging.
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