Simply The Best: April 2023


April done. May here. Way to go world. Here are the best posts:

  1. Carnival Jamaica: TPOL Goes to Candy Land Next Week

    After years of waiting, I am happy to say that I am finally going next week.
  2. Puerto Rico to Jamaica: Oh No, Not Spirit! Wait, Why Am I Connecting through Panama?

    That’s right, I have to fly from the Caribbean to Central America to go to the Caribbean.
  3. El Clásico! Tickets, Game, Pre & Post Libations Guide

    There’s a reason that El Clásico is on my list for one of the best sports events I have attended. It’s the same level of hate as Michigan vs. Ohio State, but instead of cross-state rivals, it’s cross-country ones.
  4. The Etiquette of Things: Shopping Carts

    Perhaps I should change the title of the book from The Etiquette of Things: Things You Didn’t Know Were Things to The Etiquette of Things: Things You Should Know Are Things. Maybe that will remind people to act accordingly.
  5. Spirit: Thankfully Not Awful Like Frontier

    I would fly Spirit again under two scenarios: if I can find a rock-bottom Saver Club fare or if I’m flying with no bags.
  6. Bargaining Price Guide: Bookmark It!

    I’m the best negotiator.
  7. Why I Joined Spirit Saver$ Club

    Why did I join Spirit Saver$ Club? Is it because the economy is falling into a recession? Is it because TPOL is going broke?

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