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Samsung Fast Charge: Don’t Leave Home Without It

TPOL updated the My Travel Technology list, a subset of my Packing Guide: Take 1/2 the Clothes, Twice the Money with a new gadget the Samsung S7 Edge which is champagne proof and has a great camera for snapping photos of the toilet in a Park Hyatt.

Though I try to bring as little as possible when I travel, my technology briefcase continues to get heavier and heavier. I recently added my Logitech Mouse, pictured below, to the list of necessities.

Blog-bloggin is a habit, get like me.

Equally as important is the new Samsung Fast Charge which retails for $80. This handy device charges the phone without having to fumble with wires. This is technology that is long overdue and is a necessity if you are a personality that enjoys a drink or two. Instead of waking up in Saigon, red-eyed, disoriented, and full of angst wondering where your phone could be, you can snooze comfortably knowing that your phone is resting on its own pillow-top mattress fully charged for when you decide to explore. The alternative is to endure the hangover while braving motorbikes with a dead phone because you couldn’t be bothered to charge your phone the night before.

The Samsung Fast Charge: Don’t Leave Home Without It.

TPOL is calling himself out right now for the high probability that he will forget the Fast Charger in his hotel room like an imbecile.




  1. Not to sound argumentative, but you mention a lack of wires, but there’s one sticking out of the side in the picture. I cleverly deduced that I’m missing something here.

    • oh i should clarify that half the weight in my luggage are damn wires. what i mean is i can set the fast charge next to my bed and then when i come back in stellar shape, i dont have to mess with the wires.

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