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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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TPOL Is #1 in Thai Ping Pong Diplomacy

We fight hard for our name, for our brand, for our reputation. Then in a nanosecond it’s all taken away. That’s one way to look at this interesting story. Another is to say that all press is good press and have a great laugh.

Here’s what happened to TPOL on the fourth day of April.

A friend of mine messaged me this:

Hey man, so random but my friend is Thailand and he sends this photo and say my new friend and I at a ping pong show

 I am like that’s my friend Alex but he took the image from google image

 You are number one under ping pong show


I had so many questions to ask Tim, none of which were why is your friend at a ping-pong show. The first question that came into my narcissistic mind was why is your friend saying that he knows me and that he is with me. The second, consistent with my motivations for the first, was if I truly was number one in Google.

CaptureWell, so much for wondering. There I am in all of my glory, TPOL with a bucket of ping-pong balls. Before I give you the Shaggy It Wasn’t Me explanation, I want you to appreciate how random it is that some guy that I do not know Googled Ping Pong Show Bangkok, found my picture, sent it to my friend who recognized that it was me, and then forwarded it on.

And now for the explanation. First, Google is not doing its job. Please search ‘ping-pong show Bangkok’ (preferably from your work computer) and read the caption of the photo.


If you were a would-be ping-pong patron, you would be disappointed with this search result as it does not give you the information that your twisted heart desires. Luckily for the searcher, he or she would come across the Guns & Butter: Bangkok Travel Guide and quickly learn all the wonderful things there are to do in Bangkok, ping-pong diplomacy not included.

If you take a second to read the post, you will notice that Ping Pong Show falls within the PPF as it is something that I highly advise against doing. Indeed, I wrote the following for what not to do in Bangkok:

The Ping Pong Show 

Now for what you should not do: First, the obvious that becomes blurred like a copyright infringing Thicke rendition of Marvin Gaye: don’t get arrested. Though I have no experience myself, Locked Up Abroad does not paint a pretty picture of Thai jails. Leave your drugs at home.

Next, don’t drink the mushroom shake! We’ll save that for Guns & Butter: Koh Phangan.

Finally, don’t go see a ping-pong show. From a human rights perspective, it is vile and disgusting. As far as a primitive form of entertainment, it will leave you disappointed.

Note: Those are the impressions of the anonymous that have attended. I am 100% opposed to it.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it is reprehensible or simply good fun to go to the ladyboy show.

See, I told you, it wasn’t me.

Anyone not laughing?





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