Monday, October 18, 2021
the best kebab

The Best Kebab in the World

In today's Blog Giveaway, I posted a picture of what many believed to be kebab(p) and responded to the location of the photo accordingly. This got me thinking and scanning my photo collection of...

Guangzhou Towers: Strain Your Neck Walking Tour

The Guangzhou Towers Walking Tour is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places: New York, New York  Bangkok, Thailand Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  Jakarta, Indonesia Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia  Guangzhou, China  Hong...

Illiad & Odyssey: Quest for Best Athenian Gyros

I went to Athens last month, not to run the grueling Original Course Marathon, but to search for delicious gyros. The intense research undoubtedly resulted in a slower marathon time and the tzatziki most assuredly was a contributing factor to my dehydration cramps.

I Don’t Want to Visit Every Country

The debate about what is and is not a country has been litigated on this blog for quite sometime. Do you go with the TCC list that includes Hawaii, or do you go with...

Put Some Hot Sauce on My Burrito Baby! The World’s Best Hot Sauce

"How's it going in Mongolia?" everyone asks with some sarcasm. Here is what I have found out thus far: 1. I found an apartment after being featured on House Hunters International: Ulaanbaatar.  2. I found a way to watch...

The Best Airport Bloody Mary

The votes are in and TPOL has spoken. But before I reveal to you the best Bloody Mary at an airport lounge, I should inform you of my vast experience which was needed to...

The Pho King’s Phoking Tour of Best Pho in Saigon

The list of the Top Ten Places to get pho puts Vietnam deservedly at #1. However, the pho in Vietnam varies from city to city, region to region. Indeed, the pho in the north is much different than the pho in the south.

TPOL’s Worst Flight Experiences

If you haven't been reading TPOL, then you missed out on my sports bet whereby the loser, me, more than likely has to fly Air India in coach for 17 hours from SFO-DEL. Go Blue! But damn,...

“Taxi my friend?” The Worst Places to Hail a Cab

Here are the worst places to catch a taxi on Earth! 1. Dubai, UAE: Dubai is tiny yet the drivers are new to the city and have no idea where anything is. If they get...

10 M Life Perks for Non Gamblers in Vegas

Vegas is the city of comps for the gambler but what about those of us who are too unlucky to win at anything? Are we supposed to pay for what others get for 'free'? I was...
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