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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Wild One: TPOL’s Top Daredevil Activities

What is the craziest, most adventurous activity you have done? Like going to sports events worldwide (see Wide World of Sports: The Best of Where I’ve Been), I’m running out of must dares. Here’s a recap and ranking of my favorites in order of perceived danger:

  1. Whale Swimming Tonga: What Was I Thinking?
  2. Bungee jumping in Zimbabwe (see 3,2,1 Bungee! Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls).a man bungee jumping over water
  3. Category 3 rapids in Bhutan (see Finding Happiness: Bhutan Day 3)two people in a raft
  4. Paragliding in Pokhara (see Paragliding Pokhara: Born to Be Alive)a man and woman in parachutes
  5. Crocodiles in Darwin (see Guns & Butter: Darwin Travel Guide)a crocodile swimming in a tank
  6. Swimming with ‘Great Whites’ in South Africa (see Ripoff Alert! Great White Cage Diving in South Africa with SharkLady Adventures)a group of people in a boat
  7. Zip-lines in Costa Rica (see Guns & Butter: Liberia Travel Guide) a man and woman wearing safety harnesses and climbing ropes
  8. Hot Air Balloon in Luxor (see Guns & Butter: Luxor Travel Guide)hot air balloons in the night sky
  9. Devils’ Pool in Zambia (see The Devil’s Pool Zambia: Lounging Atop Victoria Falls)two men sitting on a rock next to a waterfall
  10. Swimming with Sharks in Moorea (see Swimming with Sharks & Stingrays in Moorea)a man wearing goggles and swimming with a shark in the background
  11. Safari in Kenya (see Maasai Mara: Day 1 of SafariAmboseli National Park: My Second Beautiful Safari)two lions walking in a dirt field
  12. Touring the Salt Flats of Bolivia (see The Definitive Guide to Going)a man pushing a dinosaur on a beach

There is a risk of something going wrong when doing any of these activities. Last week, a bungee jumper’s rope broke in Thailand. He survived with minor injuries. The only activity on my list that I thought would be scary was the bungee. It was not. It was both safe and exhilarating. The only other activity that provided a similar rush was white water rafting. The others were fun and adventurous but did not have the same level of thrill.

As TPOL has turned 9 (see Simply The Best: TPOL, The Professor, Turns 9!), I am seeking to top what I have done in the past but am more conscious about avoiding death. Accordingly, I will go skydiving, but I won’t go wingsuit flying. I will go rock climbing, but I won’t go free soloing.

Looking back, I don’t know if I should be proud that I have done so much or depressed that I’m running out of things I want to do (see I’ve Done Too Much, Now What?).



  1. I flew off aircraft carriers for 4 years. I believe there are several jet/dogfight flight opportunities around the world. I would suggest that as something more interesting rather than all these beefed up tourist experiences.

      • I don’t have specific details but I know they exist and I’ve seen some travel bloggers post about them. Russia used to be a good place for this, but not so much now I imagine. There are operations in Switzerland I think.

        I have already ‘been there, done that’ so I don’t keep an eye out for opportunities but when I see them posted on blogs I take note. Expensive for sure, but makes these other touristy things pale in comparison.

        I have 311 traps if that’s what you were wondering 🙂 (and 42 combat missions)

        • Thank you. You can’t be so against tourist things. If you are, then you’re more bored than I am.

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