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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Simply The Best: TPOL, The Professor, Turns 9!

How is it possible that I have been writing this blog for 9 years? Besides being a life-long student, I have not done anything else for this long. For this birthday post, I would like you to get to know me more. Accordingly, I have picked 10 posts starting in 2014 from The Professor category, the place where TPOL rants and raves about everything and everyone.


No One Listens to the Professor

Older and angrier, I am ever more consumed with frustrations on just about everything and am never shy to voice my opinion, even if by force.


Real Writers Don’t Use Smileys

If blogging is regarded as the lowest form of journalism, then smileys are the lowest form of expression.


“Click Here!” How Blogs Make $

a laptop on a desk in front of a water bungalow
Caution: you are about to enter a no spin zone that details how blogs make money. Actually, I’m already lying since most blogs do not make anything.


I’m Not Tipping Uber Either!

Tips not included
If you’re an Uber driver and hate your job, then get a new job. Don’t make passengers feel uncomfortable by asking or implying that a tip would be appreciated. (And, yes I used to be a taxi driver.)


Remember That Time TPOL Moved to Mongolia?

a person lying on the stairs
It was the 1st of August. And it was 2014. That was the day I made the Mistake of Moving to Mongolia. (And no, that’s not me drunk, passed out in the stairwell.)


I Don’t Tip at Lounges Either

a red awning over a building
I don’t feel bad for not tipping.


Happy New Year from TPOL: The Year & Hindsight Is 2020

a golf cart and a helicopter
Hindsight is 20/20 and the year is 2020. Looking back at this decade, I’ve made three mistakes. While those mistakes left me busted, I have made three great decisions to make up for it.


Are You Guilty of Traveling Under the Social Influence?

a man standing on a ledge with Victoria Peak in the background
These days everyone seems to talk about how they are waiting for life to return to normal so they can travel again. I nod in affirmation but smugly think to myself, “Travel again? Where did you go before the pandemic?”


Inventing Anna v. TPOL: Do You Know Who I Am?

a man standing on a dock with a body of water and huts in the background

After watching the show, I had the following questions:

  1. Have you been threatened with arrest at your own hotel (see The W Hollywood: Unwelcome Even on Your Birthday)?
  2. What level of research do you think hotels do before you arrive? I doubt they research TPOL but if they did, I can only imagine what hotels think (see Have You Ever Not Complained?).
  3. Why am I not in the ‘database’ for VIP connections in the big city? supra #2
  4. Do you tip the concierge in 100’s? I don’t tip at all, not even Uber Eats. supra #2
  5. “Why would we leave the hotel?” Which of your favorite bloggers does that sound like?
  6. Who had the better hustle – Tinder, Swindler, or Anna? The answer is TPOL.
  7. To that end, why don’t I have more IG followers? Follow me, please.


TPOL in Madrid: Why A Second Residency?

a two black rectangular computers with red and yellow text
At some point, my hobbies in Puerto Rico turned into obligations. Now, I need a break from them. I don’t apologize for this smug statement. It wasn’t long ago that yours truly was living in exile in Mongolia. Back then, I thought that suffering was a natural part of life. I attribute my feeling of perpetual guilt in moments of pleasure to my Catholic Arab upbringing which I have endeavored to renounce. Maybe that’s the real reason why I’m not going to visit that church in Madrid. Perhaps that is why I can finally do nothing and not apologize for doing so.

And there you have it, 9 years of the Professor schooling everyone.



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