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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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No One Listens to the Professor

When I was in school, then school, then school, then school some more (all the way to 28) kids used to listen to their teachers, students to their professors.

Those days are gone now. Nobody pays attention, idiots are on Facebook, and in many cases, pupils don’t bother showing up. I remember once, as an MBA exchange student at Fudan University in Shanghai, a Chinese student went under the desk to answer his phone and engaged in a boisterous conversation. He popped back up and didn’t think twice about what he had just done.

This brings me back to me- the angry old professor. For about a year I was an adjunct professor of law and liked the title so much, I require strangers and friends alike to address me by my distinguished title- Professor.

Older  and angrier, I am ever more consumed with frustrations on just about everything and am never shy to voice my opinion, even if by force.

Two years ago, a friend of mine told that he was reading self-help book about getting rich.I said that’s stupid, I can write you a better one. What result?

The book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine, is now complete and ready for publication. Exciting news no doubt. But wait, how soon you forget the title of this entry: no one listens to the professor.

The publication process is by far the dumbest load of nonsense ever. It takes me back to my days applying for law jobs (technically I’m an attorney) where the interviewer would ask if I would be bringing my own clients to the firm. To which I replied, “If I had clients, why would I need to work for you.”

Enter publisher: Do you have a lot of twitter followers?

Forget, can you spell words that make sentences that make paragraphs that make chapters that creates a book. No, “Do you have a lot of Twitter followers.” Dumbfounded, the publisher questioned why would anyone read by book since I am nobody.

The angry old professor now believes only way to get published these days is to have no talent. Instead, you have to get a bajillion likes on Facebook or have a bunch of creepy people following your every move on Twitter.

Talent is not relevant, tweeting is.

How have we come so far, I do not know. So, to clear a path for my amazing book and message to reach the masses, I have stooped to the lowly point of blogging.

I will make the same promise that every douche does when he starts a blog: this blog will not be like all the others you have read. (Yeah sure it won’t be.)

Well, at least it will be somewhat different for three reasons:

1.  What blog tells you where in the world has the best Pho and how to fly for free in order to enjoy it?

2. What blog can you visit in order to read the highly anticipated book, The World Press before it comes out in stores?

3. What blog shamelessly admits to soliciting support in order to advance his own interest?

This one.

The real question becomes:

Would you listen to this angry old professor?


Of course you would.




  1. It is unreal! This occurrence is too common. The English language is lost and replaced with hash tags. The dumbing of America continues.

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